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About FNF vs Impostor

FNF Vs Impostor is a Friday Night Funkin mod where Boyfriend will rap battle against characters from Among Us game. In Among Us, the Impostor is the main antagonist whose mission is to cause sabotage and eliminate the whole crew while blending in with the crewmates. Boyfriend must rap battle against him and try to win with his singing skills to survive. Like other FNF mods, there will be three levels of difficulty, Easy, Normal, and Hard. You can also choose to play in the Story mode and Freeplay mode.

Mod Credits:

Programmers: Clowfoe - Ziffyclumper - Fabs

Artists: Julien - Squidboi84 - Postman - Orbyy - Pietro_Ultra - phoenix...

Composers: Adam McHummus - Keoni - Rareblin

How to play

WASD to mirror the notes.

+ or - to turn volume up or down.

Enter to select.

Esc to go back.

R to restart.

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