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About FNF vs Sonic

Friday Night Funkin FNF vs Sonic.EXE is a free FNF mod where Boyfriend must rap battle against characters from Sonic.EXE creepypasta and Sonic media. In this mod, you must maintain your concentration no matter what strange and horrifying events gonna happen.

It features a dark atmosphere and new songs that can easily get players to immerse in the Sonic universe.


Too Slow

You Can’t Run

Triple Trouble


Endless (US Version)

Too Fest




FNF vs Sonic.EXE mod credits:

Director, artist: RightBurstUltra

Programming : Razencro - CryBit / Composers: MarStarBro - UpTaunt

Artists : Comgaming_Nz - Zekuta - ScorchVx - GhostBunBun / Charter: Echolocated

How to play

WASD or arrow keys to mirror the notes.

Enter to select.

Esc to go back.

+ or - to volume up or down.

0 to mute.

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