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About FNF vs Garcello

FNF vs Garcello (Friday Night Funkin) is one of the most popular FNF mods where Boyfriend raps battle against Garcello in three songs. Garcello is a heavy smoker. The story starts when Boyfriend and Girlfriend strolled around the town and they saw a glow from the corner of an alley.  And it was the smoke Garcello emits. Garcello will challenge Boyfriend in rhythmic and melancholy songs. Can you beat him in all songs?

FNF vs Garcello mod features a Story mode and Freeplay mode and three difficulty levels. You can start with Easy and try on the Hard difficulty level when you get familiar with the beat. 






How to play

WASD to mirror the notes.

+ or - to turn the volume up or down.

Enter to select.

Esc to go back.

R to restart.

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