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About The Tricky Mod

FNF vs Tricky mod is a cool addition to FNF Mods where Boyfriend must rap battle against Tricky the Clown. He is the secondary antagonist of the Madness Combat series and he will show you his madness through different songs. Get ready to beat his hellish rhythm. Unlike other Friday Night Funkin games, this mod features new game mechanics which increase the game difficulty. Once you clear all weeks, you can unlock Hard difficulty which features an incredibly difficult and unfair track, Expurgation. During Hellclown, multiple black and red burning notes appear; if you mirror these notes, you will lose around 20% of your health.  In the Expurgation song, the flaming notes have a black halo and you will lose the game if you touch them.



Improbable Outset


How to play

WASD to mirror the notes.

+ or - to turn the volume up or down.

Enter to select.

Esc to go back.

R to restart.

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